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For more information about our company or our products, please contact our Head Office to speak to a representative. For general inquiries or comments, please complete the form below.

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Cartier Kitchens Inc.

8 Chelsea Lane
Brampton, ON
L6T 3Y4

Tel: 905 793 0063
Fax: 905 793 6720
E-mail: info@cartierkitchens.com

For retail kitchen information contact:

Shirley Loureiro
Tel: 905 793 0063 ext. 252
E-mail: shirley@cartierkitchens.com


For information on becoming a Cartier kitchens dealer please contact:

Joe Capone
VP of Sales and Marketing
Tel: 416 725 4755

Kitchen cabinet manufacturer U.S.A.

For U.S.A. multi-unit projects, contact:

Sam Harrison
Director of Sales U.S.A.
Multi-unit Projects
Tel: 905 426 1490